my Lord:

      To promote international exchange of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) industry and unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) technology, popularization and application in the field of industrial and civil building uavs civil-military integration application market. By China industry union, China, shenzhen drones industry association and China racing league held "the world is wonderful because of you" as the theme of the 2017 world conference on unmanned aerial vehicle (uav).

      The current world conference on unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) brings together the United States, Britain, the European Union, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, Israel and other countries of the industry organization and nearly 40 countries and regions, 500 research institutes and well-known experts and scholars consultancy and financial representatives to attend. Where countries on behalf of the outlook on the development of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), technology innovation, the airspace management, education and training, control platform, the construction of international standards, and unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) in civil aviation, land, maritime affairs, environmental protection, agriculture, electric power, railway, surveying and mapping, forestry trade, remote sensing, meteorology, and disaster prevention and public safety issues in the field of applications such as depth of communication and discussion.


      The organizing committee sincerely invites you to attend this conference.


Chairman of Shenzhen UAV Industry Association   Mr.Yang Jincai
2017 World UAV Conference Organizing Committee   Secretary-General


China Information Technology Industry Federation
China UAV Industry Alliance
China Shenzhen UAV Industry Association


Police Aviation Management Office of Ministry of Public Security
Research Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport
Economy,Trade and Information Commission of Shenzhen Municipality
Futian District People’s Government of Shenzhen Municipality
China Certification Center for Security and Safety Alarm System Product
GNSS & LBS Association of China
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association of China
Guangdong Academician Association


Shenzhen security industry association
DJI Innovations
Shenzhen AEE Technology Co.,Ltd
Shenzhen GKXN Co.,Ltd
Shenzhen MMC Technology Co.,Ltd
Shenzhen ART-TECH Co.,Ltd
Shenzhen Smart Drone Co.,Ltd
Shenzhen JTT Technology Co.,Ltd
Global Hawk(Shenzhen) UAV Technology Co.,Ltd
Guangdong ZKRT Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd
Guizhou Bowei Technology Co.,Ltd
Shenzhen Wisdom Industry Association
Shenzhen Rainbow Eagle UAV Institute
Hainan UAV Industry Association


Europe Drone Association
Belgium Drone Association
France Drone Association
Korea Drone Association
Thailand Drone Association
Global Security Industry Alliance
German Joint Technology Center
Asia Pacific Security Association
Arab-China Commercial Associated and Cultural Exchange Council
International Security Conference of Center Asia Non-government Organizations
International Air Transport Association



Mr.Sun Jiadong   Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Mr.Qu Weizhi   Vice President of China Information Technology Industry Federation Former Deputy Minister of Information Industry


Mr.Richard Chace    President of Global Security Industry Alliance
Mr.Lan Yubin         Chairman of CIGR Precision Aerial
Mr.Michael Yang        Chairman of Shenzhen Overseas Returnees Chinese Association


Mr.Li Wei   Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences


Ms.Gao Sumei   Executive Secretary of China Information Technology Industry Federation


Mr.Yang Jincai   Chairman of Shenzhen UAV Industry Association


Mr.Song Hong   China Eagle UAV Technology Co.,Ltd
Mr.Zhang Xianzhi   Shenzhen AEE Technology Co.,Ltd
Mr.Lin Weidong   Shenzhen ART-TECH Co.,Ltd
Mr.Mao Yuedong   Shenzhen GKXN Co.,Ltd
Mr.Lu Zhihui   Shenzhen MMC Technology Co.,Ltd
Mr.Jin Lang   Shenzhen Smart Drone Co.,Ltd
Mr.Liu Baohua   Guangdong ZKRT Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd
Mr.Chen Xuexian   Shenzhen Ninestar Intelligent Aviation Technology Co.,Ltd
Mr.Lv Zhenyi   Shenzhen ALLTECH Development Co.,Ltd
Mr.Yu Jingbing   Global Hawk(Shenzhen) UAV Technology Co.,Ltd
Mr.Chen Sheng   Shenzhen JTT Technology Co.,Ltd
Mr.Cong Baowei   HAWAR Technology Co.,Ltd
Mr.Li Jianchuang    Hunan CCIA Technology Co.,Ltd
Mr.Peng Yanping   Chengdu Age Star Technology Co.,Ltd
Mr.Liu Chunjiang   Guizhou Bowei Technology Co.,Ltd
Mr.Wu Xiao   Hangzhou Hikvision Technology Co.,Ltd
Mr.Guo Weimin   Heibei Shen’an Project Management Co.,Ltd
Mr.Shuai Yonghong   Shenzhen Smart Security & Surveilance Robot Co.,Ltd

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